Commercial and Industrial Lighting Consulting

Commercial and Industrial Lighting Consulting

ECC 11 Commercial and Industrial Lighting Consulting specializes in office and workspace lighting. Commercial and Industrial Lighting Consulting strives to be the best Commercial and Industrial lighting consultant by providing energy efficiency, sustainable solutions with the best customer service, products, warranties. One manufacturer offers a comprehensive line of Commercial and Industrial lighting products designed specifically for Commercial or Industrial applications. Our focus on sustainability has created better working environments for owners, employees, and communities, boosting productivity.

What is Commercial and Industrial lighting, and how can it help efficiency?

Commercial and Industrial lighting refers to the use of energy-efficient Commercial or Industrial lights for your office and workspace. When it comes to the best way to have energy efficiency, we recommend LED lighting because LED lights are energy-efficient Commercial or Industrial products. ECC11 Commercial Lighting Consulting has the best lighting fixtures, lamps, and ballasts while offering a comprehensive line of Commercial or industrial lighting lines explicitly designed for office and workspace applications.

Higher quality light can improve visual acuity (needing less light to see better). Reduce the incidence and severity of glare, reduce the time taken to read or perceive information (since less light is needed), improve appearance due to reduced unattractive shadows. Commercial Lighting Consulting offers lighting products that have a long life with no maintenance costs. The high-quality components used in Commercial and Industrial lighting fixtures are also designed for easy installation by lighting professionals. ECC 11 Commercial and Industrial Lighting Consulting is the best lighting consultant. They provide energy efficiency and sustainable solutions with customer service with a proven track record in Commercial or industrial lighting design.

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Commercial Lighting Consultants provides Commercial, and Industrial LED products for applications where every watt saved can make significant savings on your Commercial energy bill. Commercial and Industrial lighting helps Commercial businesses save money by reducing their Commercial energy consumption, which is why Commercial Lighting Consultants offers the best commercial lights with superior performance in a variety of applications, including:

    Warehouse lighting consultant
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Commercial Retail Locations (lots)
  • Industrial Warehouses & Factories
  • Commercial or Industrial Building
  • Commercial or Industrial Storage Solutions
  • Industrial Commercial and Industrial Manufacturing Facilities (factories)

The average cost for Commercial Lighting and Industrial lighting consultants ranges anywhere from $300 to $800 per Commercial or Industrial application.

ECC 11 Commercial and Industrial Consultants

More and more businesses realize that operating a sustainable business is a responsibility and a great opportunity. Energy efficiency and sustainability improvements create better working environments for owners, employees, and communities and boost productivity. ECC11 is proud to offer various options for both large and small businesses to realize the benefits of a sustainable approach. At ECC 11, we utilize energy-efficient lighting systems in conjunction with occupancy sensors, and simple light controls significantly reduce the overall impact lighting systems have on the environment. The ethical responsibility for sustainable solutions is just one of the many initiatives we embrace for the health of our home planet. We can help you customize your lighting. Customized lighting solutions are the best way to make sure you have the proper lighting in the right places.

Customized Lighting Solutions

  • Increase profitability by eliminating inefficient lighting methods.
  • Improve lighting performance for employees and customers.
  • Improve the company's sustainability.
  • Audit energy utility billing to grow bottom-line results.
  • Ultimately improve clients' bottom line financial performance by providing cost reductions through energy-efficient lighting solutions, controls, and utility audits.

We look forward to helping your company with its lighting; please visit us at or by calling us at (440) 313-7301 or email at

Environmental Consideration with Economic Justification

Our passion is to ensure that all of our offerings are based on economic justifications; the solution should make sense beyond the environmental considerations because it has long-term economic value.

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