Manufacturing Solutions Consulting

Manufacturing Solutions Consulting

ECC 11 Manufacturing Solutions Consulting is a technology-enabled consulting firm focused on solutions for the Manufacturing industry. We provide manufacturing optimization and process improvement and domain knowledge and best practices to help organizations reach their operational goals. ECC 11's Manufacturing Solutions Consulting's team of experts is experienced with various manufacturing sectors, including Automotive, Consumer Products, Energy and Utilities, Machinery and Equipment, Packaging Materials & Services. Let us be your partner in success!

What is Manufacturing Solutions?

The Manufacturing industry has sector-specific opportunities and challenges. From the executive suite to the shop floor, there is a push to improve every facet of manufacturing operations. ECC 11 Manufacturing Solutions Consulting provides solutions for today’s most pressing needs – without requiring any capital investment on your part. We use innovative methods and best practices combined with domain knowledge and technology to help organizations achieve their operational goals.

Our team of experts is experienced with various manufacturing sectors such as these – so we can handle any challenge you throw at us! Let ECC 11 Manufacturing Solutions Consulting be your partner in success. When it comes to MS, the benefits include :

    Manufacturing ECC11
  • Improved process metrics and increased operational efficiency
  • Increased product quality, consistency, and reliability
  • Reduced costs of production through improved efficiencies.
  • Increased revenue and higher profit margins

Here are some questions you need to ask when looking to hire a manufacturing consultant:

  • How will your service improve my company?
  • What is your approach for my facility?
  • Will you help me implement these Manufacturing Solutions?
  • What tools and products can you help me implement?
  • How can you help me communicate the importance of Manufacturing Solutions to my team?

Contact us today to see how we can help your organization reach manufacturing success (440) 313-7301 

How can ECC 11 help you with Manufacturing Solutions

ECC 11 can help by providing Manufacturing Solutions Consulting for today’s most pressing needs. We help companies establish a baseline of productivity, then identify opportunities to improve performance and profitability through an efficient manufacturing process. ECC 11's solutions are quick and easy, with no capital investment required from the company. Here at ECC 11, we will help make sure that you’ve got the best in town when it comes to Manufacturing solutions include:

  • Establishing productivity goals for employees.
  • Implementing best manufacturing practices.
  • Improving major processes and workflows.
  • Managing performance to increase productivity.
  • Reducing employee and equipment downtime.
  • Implementing Lean Manufacturing Processes.
  • Identifying and reducing the Cost of Poor Quality.

We look forward to helping you with all of your Manufacturing Solution needs and look forward to serving you and your business. Contact us via phone at (440) 313-7301 or email at

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